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Weekly Briefs

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1 Weekly Brief #69: Leakage in Travel Programs and Top 5 Trends in Hospitality
2 Weekly Brief #68: The Road to Radicalization, Email equals Evidence, and The Path to Supply Chain Transparency
3 Weekly Brief #67: FDA Menu Labeling Rules and a Business Resiliency Checklist
4 Weekly Brief #65: Savvy Social Media Policies, Political Risk Insurance, and NLRB's McDonald's Joint Employer Decision
5 Weekly Brief #64: Lodging Safety, NATO Summit, and Global Codes of Conduct
6 Weekly Brief #63: Key Employment Law Challenges for In-House Counsel, Union Hotel Boycotts, and Safety in Numbers
7 Weekly Brief #62: Airbnb Risky for Business Travelers, Hotel Guest Loyalty, and Judge Grants Summary Judgment Using Expert Analysis and Video Enhancement
8 Weekly Brief #61: Best Practices for Chargeback Disputes, Winning the Race for Guest Loyalty, and Political Risk Insurance
9 Weekly Brief #60: When Bad Things Happen to Good People, Internship Programs for Savvy Companies, and Ebola: A Guide for Worried Fliers
10 Weekly Brief #58: Traveler Centricity, Hotelier’s Guide to Serious Wi-Fi, and Tragedy, Cyber Criminals, and #MH17
11 Weekly Brief #57: ADA Interactive Process, Employment Protection for LGBT, and Security Planning for Business Aviation Travel
12 Weekly Brief: #56: Hotels, Restaurants, and Guns, Tips on Site and Event Security, and Prohibition of the Discrimination of Unemployed Persons
13 Weekly Brief #55: Pay Your Interns, Suitable Seating and Business, and Corporate Travel Compliance
14 Weekly Brief #54: Ebola Examined, Wage/Hour Law Compliance, and Workplace Dress Policies
15 Weekly Brief #53: HR Concerns for Hurricane Season and Opportunity Knocks for Hoteliers, and Sustainable Airport Policies for Car/Ride Sharing
16 Weekly Brief #52: Hotel Rebranding, What Came First – Management Discipline or Employee Complaint and The Latest Implications of Boko Haram
17 Weekly Brief #51: Anatomy of a Hotel Breach, To The World Cup and Beyond, and Passing Credit Card Swipe Fees to Employees and Guests
18 Weekly Brief #50: Background Check Lawsuits, Protecting Privacy in Cross-Border Litigation, and Three Flavors of Employees
19 Weekly Brief #49: Data-Driven Decisions, Captive Insurance, & Chinese Investment in U.S. Hotels
20 Weekly Brief: #48 Hospitality Workers Compensation, Auditing Global Human Resource Compliance, & Hotel Rate Parity
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