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Is Your Hotel Properly Collecting and Preserving Incident Related Evidence ?

15 May 2015 in Hospitality Posts 2963 hits

By the time a case reaches an attorney’s desk, all too often pertinent evidence either has been lost — or was never collected in the first place. California’s statute of limitations for a personal lawsuit is two years; consequently, an…

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Crackdown On Offshore Tax Evasion Not Slowing Down

03 August 2015 in Employment Posts 1388 hits

The Department of Justice Tax Division and the IRS have been ramping up an intense crackdown on offshore tax evasion, and the IRS’ reduced resources due to new budget cuts…

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Risk Angles - Third-Party Risk

03 August 2015 in Security Posts 1502 hits

The use of third parties is nothing new — companies have worked with suppliers, outsourcers, licensees, agents, and the like for years. What has changed, however, is the frequency and…

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The Sharing Economy: Uber and Lyft Business Travel

03 August 2015 in Travel Posts 1443 hits

 Most everyone, by now, has heard of Uber and Lyft. In theory, the transportation services they provide make total sense from a consumer, employee and employer standpoint. A customer takes out his or her…

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Facebook and Police Warrants: Can They Really Do That ?

18 July 2015 in Security Posts 1288 hits

 As anyone with a Facebook account knows, many people use their accounts to broadcast personal information to their Friends. You could even say that some Facebook users use their accounts…

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U.S. Hospitality Industry Should Heed CMA’s Warning for Online Reviews and Recommendations

18 July 2015 in Hospitality Posts 1643 hits

  The Competition & Markets Authority (CMA), which investigates business practices and enforces anti-competition and consumer protection legislation in the UK, just released a report and call for information that signals…

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Best Practices for Mobile Device Data Security

18 July 2015 in Security Posts 1761 hits

I n 2014, it became official: There now are more active mobile devices in the world than people, according to data compiled by GSMA Intelligence and the U.S. Census Bureau.…

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Taking Care of Employees Assigned Abroad

13 June 2015 in Travel Posts 1374 hits

So your company is expanding and, for the first time, you'll be sending key employees abroad to work in other markets. While the opportunities for expansion may appear limitless, so…

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EEOC Proposed Rule on Wellness and the Americans with Disabilities Act – What Employers Need to Know

13 June 2015 in Employment Posts 1384 hits

The employer community has been waiting for years to receive guidance from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on wellness programs and how an employer’s obligations under the Americans with Disabilities…

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What's on the Menu?

13 June 2015 in Hospitality Posts 1316 hits

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently released two final rules for menu and vending machine labeling. “Nutrition Labeling of Standard Menu Items in Restaurants and Similar Retail Food Establishments”…

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Keeping Your Undocumented Employees Authorized for Employment

15 May 2015 in Employment Posts 2321 hits

In today’s post, Gregg Rodgers, Chair of GSB’s Immigration Practice Group and member of our Hospitality, Travel & Tourism practice team, provides us with the latest updates regarding the federal processes that authorize employment…

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Is Your Hotel Properly Collecting and Preserving Incident Related Evidence ?

15 May 2015 in Hospitality Posts 2963 hits

By the time a case reaches an attorney’s desk, all too often pertinent evidence either has been lost — or was never collected in the first place. California’s statute of…

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Space Tourism: The New Frontier in Travel

15 May 2015 in Travel Posts 2059 hits

There are many styles of travel; from luxury to budget to adventure and everything in between. We all know those people whose idea of a relaxing vacation is to skydive…

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It’s Time to Investigate Cyber Insurance

29 April 2015 in Hospitality Posts 2304 hits

Most IT leaders plan for cyberattacks by constructing firewalls and installing security hardware and software. Even so, with the widespread proliferation of malware, companies are finding that their IT infrastructure…

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Preparing Today for Future Cyber Risks

29 April 2015 in Hospitality Posts 1738 hits

While companies around the world are experiencing numerous benefits from online transactions and interactions, the accompanying risks remain less visible. Cyber threats continue to evolve and rapidly expand, in terms…

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2015 Travel, Hospitality & Leisure Industry Outlook

29 April 2015 in Travel Posts 2489 hits

Backed by the current growth momentum, Travel, Hospitality, and Leisure (THL) companies are heading strong into 2015. Amid pent-up demand, it’s important that companies leverage technology to effectively respond to…

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How to Implement a Cyberattack Protection Plan

10 April 2015 in Uncategorised 1901 hits

Hospitality has been on the receiving end of several major cyberattacks in recent years.  Hotel cyber criminals are increasingly getting smarter and constantly finding new ways of stealing customer data from…

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Public-Private Partnerships and the Hospitality Industry

10 April 2015 in Uncategorised 2483 hits

Public-private partnerships (P3s) are not a new phenomenon, but they are an expanding and increasingly necessary one. As local governments compete with each other for tourism dollars and a finicky…

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Google Flights and Google Hotels: Friend or Foe to Airlines and Hoteliers?

21 April 2015 in Travel Posts 2168 hits

The latest update to the Google Flights price comparison tool, as well as the introduction of Google Hotels, has the world buzzing, with many praising the user experience. The flexibility…

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Limiting Off-Duty Access To The Hotel

23 March 2015 in Employment Posts 2400 hits

 Many hospitality employers are surprised to learn that employees have a right under federal labor law to access the exterior, nonworking areas of the hotel property in their off-duty hours…

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Seasonal Influenza Increasing with Potential to Disrupt Health Services

31 March 2015 in Travel Posts 2544 hits

Executive Summary Seasonal influenza has begun to increase in the Northern Hemisphere, where influenza season typically peaks between December and March. However, the current influenza season has increased more rapidly…

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Don’t Forget Copiers, Scanners and Fax Machines in Your Data Security Program

23 March 2015 in Security Posts 2218 hits

Current generation multifunction printer/scanner/copier devices are convenient, inexpensive, and very popular. Often overlooked is the fact that most modern printers, copiers, and scanners have many of the same attributes of…

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Warrantless Searches of Hotel Guest Registers

17 March 2015 in Hospitality Posts 3413 hits

Many municipalities have enacted ordinances that authorize local police agencies to enter a hotel during regular business hours and request an inspection of the guest register to obtain information as…

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Does Your Hotel or Resort Use Non-Compete, Non-Solicitation or Non-Disclosure Agreements? Should It?

11 March 2015 in Hospitality Posts 2590 hits

 Imagine that your hotel has hired a sales staff to develop conference or resort business. You have paid that sales staff to develop relationships with companies, travel agents and other…

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Yikes! Ransomware Could Take Over Your Hard Drive

03 March 2015 in Security Posts 3107 hits

Once data is held for ransom, there’s no guaranteed way to reclaim it — not even payment. Ransomware’s victims typically are those with the least protection. To avoid becoming a…

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How Does the NLRB’s Ruling on Non-Business Use of Email Affect Your Business?

04 March 2015 in Employment Posts 2717 hits

As you may have heard, the NLRB recently ruled that employees who are given access to their employer’s email system for their jobs must be permitted to use that email…

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Compliance in Corporate Travel

17 February 2015 in Travel Posts 3504 hits

How well do your employees follow company guidelines for business travel? Are there areas in your travel program where improved compliance could save you more? As demand for air travel…

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Employee Theft – Protecting More Than Property

11 February 2015 in Employment Posts 4826 hits

The problem of employee theft in hotels is an age-old problem. Businesses lose billion of dollars each year in employee theft. And hotels, by nature, present numerous opportunities for employee…

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Studies on Restaurant Food Handling and Food Safety Practices

11 February 2015 in Hospitality Posts 3729 hits

Beef Grinding Logs Study Objective: To describe recordkeeping practices of beef grinding activities in retail establishments. Study Results: We surveyed 125 establishments and where available, reviewed grinding records. We found…

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Every Case Is an e-Discovery Case in Today’s Litigation Environment

03 February 2015 in Hospitality Posts 3280 hits

Lawyers routinely negotiate the scope of litigation discovery demands. One such lawyer was recently faced with a wildly broad discovery demand for relevant emails from the time a product was…

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New Mobile Entrants and Issues in Hotel Distribution

01 February 2015 in Hospitality Posts 2983 hits

The mobile eCommerce space in the hotel industry is growing and changing rapidly. With the massive influx of new distribution apps and mobile sites, it is vitally important that hoteliers…

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Boutique Hotel Brands From 'Legacy' Chains - Will They Work?

01 February 2015 in Hospitality Posts 3315 hits

It is clear that the boutique/lifestyle hotel niche is longer occupied by just a handful of rogue, counter cultural hoteliers. The evolution of lifestyle hotels from a very small, extremely…

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Sick Leave for Restaurant Workers Necessary for Food Safety

30 January 2015 in Hospitality Posts 2319 hits

The history of food safety, corporate irresponsibility, and workers’ rights is long and tortuous (as well as tortious). From the days of Upton Sinclair (rotten and diseased meat), unpasteurized and…

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TIME FLIES WHEN YOU'RE HAVING FUN: Start getting those H-1B petitions ready for the 2015 filing season

16 January 2015 in Hospitality Posts 2556 hits

Yes, it's that time again – time to prepare to file your H-1B petitions for Fiscal Year 2016. Starting April 1, 2015, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services will begin…

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What Hotel Leadership Should Know About the Emerging Trend of Assault and Battery Claims

16 January 2015 in Hospitality Posts 2894 hits

Ask nearly any leader in the hotel industry and/or their HR manager for the definition of a “hostile work environment,” and they will have a pretty solid answer. That’s because…

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Court Dismisses Cyber-Attack Lawsuit Against P.F. Chang's for Lack of Actual Harm

16 January 2015 in Security Posts 2646 hits

Open a newspaper on any given day, and chances are that you will read about the impacts of a new cyber-attack: accessed consumer profiles, hacked credit card information, leaks of…

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California Lifts Ban on Sale of Foie Gras

16 January 2015 in Hospitality Posts 1591 hits

For the first time in two years, foie gras can be sold by retailers and gourmet California chefs can add the delicacy to their menus. A U.S. District Court judge…

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Ensuring Worker Safety Abroad

06 January 2015 in Travel Posts 4474 hits

Although kidnapping of Americans abroad gets all the publicity, other risks await business travelers. Here’s what a business manager needs to know before sending an employee overseas. Before Traveling Research. Before a trip abroad, travelers should gain…

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Hospitality Litigation: Asset Managers, Hotel Operators and Franchisors

04 January 2015 in Hospitality Posts 2785 hits

Originally published on HotelExecutive.com In the hotel industry, the myriad of complex business relationships also creates legal land-mines for the unwary. In that regard, hotel asset managers, hotel operators and…

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Full Disclosure: The Impact of New Food-Labeling Regulations

05 January 2015 in Hospitality Posts 3025 hits

What is the impact of the FDA’s New Food-Labeling Regulations?  The new rules cover any restaurant or “retail food establishment” selling “restaurant-type food.”  Does that include the wide array of…

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Hospitality Industry Remains in the Cross Hairs of Department of Labor Following Wage Violation Study

26 December 2014 in Hospitality Posts 3536 hits

A December 2014 study of the effects of minimum wage violations commissioned by the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) found associated violations to be “concentrated in the leisure and hospitality industry” and…

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Due Diligence – Standard Operating Procedures: Don’t Play Russian Roulette with Your Business

18 December 2014 in Hospitality Posts 3899 hits

In order for a restaurant to run smoothly and deliver excellence on a consistent basis, Standard Operating Procedures (“SOPs”) and Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures (“SSOPs”) are an integral part of the business.…

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Evolution vs. Revolution

21 December 2014 in Travel Posts 3575 hits

If you’re looking to change TMCs, be sure to weigh the costs and explore all the options. A strong relationship with the corporate travel management company is essential to the success of most travel programs.…

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Top 10 Technology Blunders for Employers

18 December 2014 in Employment Posts 3792 hits

I’d like to thank Sarah Phaff of our Macon, Georgia, office, who wrote this post with me. As one who presumably has no nude selfies, you may not be too concerned about…

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Overseas Business Travel Liability and the Duty of Care in Times of Ebola

05 December 2014 in Travel Posts 4147 hits

As of late 2014, the United States faced no Ebola pandemic whatsoever. The odds of catching Ebola in an American workplace remained statistically zero. Only a handful of Ebola cases had made…

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The Taste of Failure

05 December 2014 in Hospitality Posts 3833 hits

New York Pizzeria, Inc., a Texas-based pizza chain, attempted to register a truly unconventional trademark: the taste of its pizza. Predictably, a U.S. District Court rejected the bid as “half-baked” concluding…

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A survey of US State Workers' Compensation Laws and their Application to Traveling Employees

24 November 2014 in Travel Posts 3474 hits

Co-authored by Brenda-Lee Ravdel and Stephen Barth How do the US 50 states’ workers’ compensation laws protect US businesses and their global and domestic travelers at home and abroad? INTRODUCTION:…

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Insurance Coverage For Possible Ebola Claims Involving Hospitality Businesses

25 November 2014 in Hospitality Posts 3356 hits

(Originally published in Anderson Kill’s Hospitality Alert, Nov. 2014)  Co-authored by Diana Shafter Gliedman Now that the first cases of Ebola in the United States have been treated and the…

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Think Your Workers' Compensation Covers Everything? Think Again!

18 November 2014 in Employment Posts 3874 hits

You might think your workers’ compensation covers all work-related injuries and illnesses. This could prove a costly mistake. In most cases, workers’ compensation will cover work-related injuries and illnesses. But in certain special circumstances—which might apply…

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2015 Hospitality Law Conference Trailer #1

17 November 2014 in Videos 2014 hits

From development deals to management agreements, from food and beverage liability to labor and employment, and from claims management to anti-trust issues, the latest cases, trends and challenges in compliance,…

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Employer’s Termination of Employee for Use of Medical Marijuana Found to be Lawful

05 July 2015 in Employment Posts 1751 hits

On June 15, 2015, the Colorado Supreme Court ruled that an employer did not violate Colorado law by terminating an employee for testing positive for marijuana, which the employee used…

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Look Before You Leap: A Duty of Care Checklist for Companies With Travelers

05 July 2015 in Travel Posts 909 hits

In a globally connected world, business travel is essential. But it comes with the chance that your people will face risks. These range from natural disasters to civil unrest and…

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Small Business Safety and Threat Reduction

05 July 2015 in Security Posts 1637 hits

 A Basic Guide To Conducting a Threat Assessment For Your Small Business  How does the small business owner detect and prevent physical and cyber threats to the enterprise? Is it…

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Like It or Love It: How Not to Get Pinned (Legally) When Using Social Media to Promote Your Brand

17 June 2015 in Hospitality Posts 1401 hits

Twitter®, Instagram®, Facebook®, Pinterest® and other social media websites and apps are great ways to interact with friends, family and potential customers. They are great avenues for advertising and promotion…

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Hotel Booking Fraud Increasing. What You Can Do

17 June 2015 in Travel Posts 1584 hits

Vacation travelers are always on the hunt for the best deal – particularly when it comes to hotels. For business travelers, the concept of open booking has been very popular…

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DOJ Further Delays Release of Highly Anticipated Proposed Website Accessibility Regulations for Public Accommodations

17 June 2015 in Security Posts 1466 hits

For those who have been eagerly anticipating the release of the U.S. Department of Justice’s proposed  website accessibility regulations for public accommodations under Title III of the ADA (the “Public Accommodation Website…

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